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What are AEAs?

AEAs or Autonomous Economic Agents are software agents that act on behalf of a human or organisation to further their owner's economic goals.

Equipped with cryptographic key pairs they send messages, trade on blockchains and perform other useful tasks for their owner.

What are AEAs?

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AEA Research 3

Peer-to-peer Autonomous Agent Communication Network

Lokman Rahmani, David Minarsch, Jonathan Ward

Reliable and secure communication between heterogeneously resourced autonomous agents controlled by competing stakeholders in a decentralized environment is a challenge. Agents require a means to find each other and communicate without reliance on a centralized party and participation in the system must be permissionless. We present the Agent Communication Network (ACN), a peer-to-peer lookup system that provides a distributed overlay to the Internet and addresses this problem. The ACN enables agents to find each other and to communicate safely. It achieves this by leveraging a distributed hash table for agent lookup, maintained by participating peers and through the use of public-key cryptography. The paper discusses the properties of the system and its guarantees as well as its integration with a novel multi-agent system. Preliminary benchmark results demonstrate the feasibility of the system, its performance, and its scalability.

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Trading Agent Competition with Autonomous Economic Agents

David Minarsch, Seyed Ali Hosseini, Marco Favorito, and Jonathan Ward

We provide a case study for the Autonomous Economic Agent (AEA) framework; a toolkit for the development and deployment of autonomous agents with a focus on economic activities. The use case is the trading agent competition (TAC). It is a competition between autonomous agents with customisable strategies and market parameters. The competition is facilitated by the AEA framework’s native support for decentralised ledger technologies, i.e. permissionless blockchains and smart contract functionality, for immutable transaction recording and trade settlement. We provide an open-source implementation, study the result of the competitions we ran, and compare it to theoretical results in the economics literature. We conclude by discussing its real-world applications in crypto-currency, digital assets and token trading.

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AEA Research 2
AEA Research 1

Autonomous Economic Agents as a Second Layer Technology for Blockchains

David Minarsch, Seyed Ali Hosseini, Marco Favorito, and Jonathan Ward

The user experience of interacting with distributed ledger technologies (DLT) is fraught with excessive complexity, high risk and unintuitive processes. Moreover, smart contracts deployed in these systems are restricted to being reactive. These limitations have negative implications on user adoption and prevent DLTs from being general purpose. We introduce a framework for the development of Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs), software agents that act autonomously and pursue an economic goal, and demonstrate how AEAs complement existing decentralised ledgers as a second layer technology. In particular, the framework enables a simplified user experience through automation, supports modularisation and reuse of complex decision making and machine learning capabilities, and allows for proactive behaviour facilitating autonomy. We demonstrate these gains in the context of a specific use-case, a multi-agent trading system modelling a Walrasian Exchange Economy populated by a number of agents trading a basket of tokens.

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Rise of the AEAs - the autonomous economic agent (AEA) framework explained

David Minarsch

The Autonomous Economic Agent (AEA) Framework is a concept for a software toolkit that allows developers and researchers to create agents from components. Its initial implementation has recently reached v1.

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